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It Looks Like Burnley Men Like To Take Their Time

16 February 2017

Looking over the bookings at this Burnley escorts agency it is revealed that the gentlemen of Burnley don’t like to be rushed when they are having a good time. The Burnley escorts themselves enjoy a longer date as there is so much more fun to be had and after all they have such extensive talents that they like to share and that takes time! The average booking time for clients in Burnley is more than double the average elsewhere so these guys seem to really value their personal pleasures and accord them enough time to fully express themselves. Here’s to the lucky escorts in Burnley!!

When two consenting adults have the gift of time they can fully indulge themselves in taking their sweet selves into relishing every second and every sensation…..after all it’s not just getting there that matters it is the route that you take. Of course, Tantric massage is the ultimate way to prolong release, but just taking your own time is an art in itself and one that it seems is shared with a Burnley escort by many of the local clients.

Lavishing your partner with all those extra special attentions, being consistently aware of the mood changes, the acceleration or lessening of speed, appreciating the other half of this partnership with each and every one of your five senses, all contribute to underlining and accentuating the intensity of real satisfaction. In fact on a longer date again this is possible time and again.

Whilst some may rush, pant and puff the local guys around here understand that if you are going to do a job then you are better doing it well. There are few women who do not love a man who takes this approach and it does bring out the very best in any of the escorts in Burnley making them feel that they are part of something special and arousing in them the finest of erotic responses. Could be that these clients have got it sussed that this is a win, win situation!! Whatever may be the case it’s hats off to these guys who have not only the stamina but definitely the style to hold the crown of being lovers with a slow hand!!